Tips on How to Talk Dirty to a Guy Using TextingFlirting is exciting and interesting when you get the desired feedback. The same old you make me feel very special’, I was born to love you’ and I miss you’ becomes extremely boring after a while. There is no doubt that these lines reveal how much you love your guy however being serious all the time is not healthy. Show your boyfriend your wild or fun side by sending him funny and flirty text messages. Read this article to find out how to talk dirty to a guy using texting.

The best naughty text messages you can send to a guy are the ones that generate clear sexual images of the things about you that trigger his lust or the things you would like to do him. Once those images have been implanted within his mind, he will have you in his mind all day and will rush home to you hot and excited.

Here are 4 tips on how to talk dirty to a guy using texting.

  • Tip #1: Keep your text messages short

You do not have to write a novel on your mobile phone. When sending text messages to a guy, you should aim to keep it sweet and short. Most guys do not want to read very long text messages sent by a girl. Always remember that you do not have to send a long text message to get the response you want.

  • Tip #2: Be descriptive and visual

Dirty Dialogue

When sending your text messages try to be very descriptive and visual. Take some time to create a list of the things about him that turn you on. Think about his smell, his body, the size and shape of some parts of his body, as well as how he makes you feel when he holds you in his arms. Be as descriptive as you can while still being brief.

  • Tip #3: Ensure that your text messages are focused on him

dirty textingWhen transmitting a naughty text message to a guy, it is important that you keep it personal. Think about the type of clear images you can produce that are unique to your man. Create a content that will arouse him as well as make him feel you are yearning for him and looking up to him. When sending him the text message, let him know that you are highly sexually aroused.

  • Tip #4: Get some ideas from a hot romance novel

As you consider how to talk dirty to a guy using texting, you can borrow some words from a romance novel. Read a sexy and hot scene and take note of the words that turn you on. Chances are those words will also turn your guy on.

Here are some examples of sexy and hot text messages you can send to a guy

  • Hot text message #1

You: I am doing some shopping right now and you crept into my mind…

(Wait for a couple of seconds to make him anticipate what you’ve got up your sleeve)

You: I am holding a pair of sexy blue underwear right now. I am thinking what a beast you are when I am wearing a pair of sexy underwear.

  • Hot Text Message #2

Hey Tiger. I have had you on my mind all day and want you to know I love the touch of the tip of your fingers on my shoulders and neck… can’t wait for the weekend to come.

  • Hot Text Message #3

Dirty talking tipsHi babe. I really liked those pants you wore the other day. They really flaunted your assets and I feel like wrapping my arms around you right now and squeezing you tight.

  • Hot text message #4

You have the coolest **** I’ve ever seen

  • Hot text message #5

Oh my darling, I am so turned on for you right now. My body is ready.

Now you will agree that these text messages are short yet sexy and hot. You should customize these messages to suit your unique needs. Insert your own nouns; change the nicknames around, however practice creating your own messages and you will certainly get better with experience.

Learning how to talk dirty to a guy using texting can help improve the way you communicate with your man. Also, it can help keep things heated up until when you see one another in person. Do not forget to keep your messages sweet and short.

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