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romantic quotes for boyfiendThere are a couple of things which make a relationship last long and work perfectly. One of the most effective methods of making your relationship last is by using sweet phrases to please you partner. You need to know some of the most romantic things to say to your boyfriend so as to spike the energy in the relationship. Guys are easily manipulated by sweet words and this method never fails. No matter how mad he is, sweet words will always get into his head and draw a smile on his face.

The major challenge comes in the choice of words and the subject which will have the best effect in your guy. Some phrases could easily become monotonous and your guy will start finding them boring or rather too repetitive. Consider getting some new lines every once in a while and avoid repeating old phrases to have a better effect. Guys always want to feel superior and powerful. They always love getting the feeling that they dominate in the relationship. Think of some interesting romantic things to say to your boyfriend which can easily enhance the feeling of dominion.

How to Quickly Talk Your Man Into A Passionate Frenzy

You can choose to use some of the following lines to achieve the desired effect:

>>>> I am crazy about you and don’t think I can stay a second without you.

>>>> When God created you, he meant to make you the ruler of my world.

>>>> My sweet king, you make my world revolve and always give me a reason to smile.

>>>> I simply can’t breathe without you.

>>>> You are my source of strength and give me a reason to live each day.

>>>> I feel safe and protected in your arms.

>>>> I give my body, heart and soul to you my love

Every time your guy gets you a gift, make him feel appreciated. Don’t take it for granted as this will make him feel like it’s not necessary to get presents for you. When he gets home from work, receive him warmly. Make him feel at home and whisper something sweet in his ear.

boyfriend bringing giftsThank him for all the gifts he brings home by using some of the following lines: 

>>>> Thank you so much my love, you are the best.

>>>> May God always bless you with more my love.

>>>> You have such a good taste of colour.

>>>> I’ll always treasure this gift you bought me. It will be a constant reminder of your love for me.

When talking of romantic things to say to your boyfriend, don’t forget using lines which will make him feel secure. Guys hate the feeling of being insecure. They always like to be pampered with sweet words which will make them feel like they are the only ones in your life. When your guy feels insecure in any way, he will not confess it to you. Instead he will gradually avoid you and keep his distance.

The Key to Sexually Arousing Men With Words

In order to make him feel close and special, you can use some of these lines:

make boyfriend feel special>>>> You are the only man I love in my life

>>>> You are unique and special in your own way.

>>>> There is something about you that makes you stand out from other guys and that’s why I love you so much.

>>>> I will always be by your side as long as you show me your love.

>>>> If at all you walked out of my life, I will never love any other man.

>>>> I will never trade you for any other guy.

Another good way to make your man feel loved and special is by using phrases which show him how much you trust him. Most guys like it when they feel trusted and treasured. Forget about those few instances which might have made you doubt him. When your guy knows that you trust him, he will do his best to maintain your trust hence making the relationship more stable.

Some of the romantic things to say to your boyfriend to show him that you trust him include:

show boyfriend that you trust him>>>> I trust you so much my love.

>>>> I know you can never lie to me and that’s why I will always trust you.

>>>> You have made me realize that there is still someone I can trust with my life.

>>>> Your love is so real and I know that you will never play with my mind.

If you wish to make your boyfriend feel loved and special, complement him on the little things he does. Complement him on his dressing, any time he gets a nice haircut, in bed before sleeping, when he performs well at work or when he outshines his competitors in any event.

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The following are some of the common lines you can use to complement him:

compliment your boyfriend>>>> That shirt looks cool on you.

>>>> I love your sexy biceps.

>>>> You are so sweet in bed.

>>>> The smell of your body reminds me of your designer shower gel.

>>>> Your dressing is making me feel jealous because I know girls will be eyeing you today.

Once in a while, whisper crazy things in his ear which suggest that you love the way he makes love to you. Such phrases will make him feel special, powerful and wanted. They also work perfectly in boosting his self-esteem even when he is together with the friends. You can always be spontaneous and make the sweet statements when he least expects.

You can be creative and come up with some romantic things to say to your boyfriend such as:

>>>> I wish you could make love to me right now.

>>>> Touch my body.

>>>> My world stops when you hold me.

>>>> I feel like kissing you from your head down to your toe.

These are some of the simple romantic things to say to your boyfriend and make him feel special. You can use them in any place, any day and anytime. You can also get creative and formulate other powerful punch lines which will have the various effects on your guy.


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Cute Quotes to Tell Your BoyfriendAs a Girl in a love relationship you need cute quotes to tell your boyfriend. This is very important because constant communication is very important in any kind of relationship.

These cute quotes are very important as they will no doubt catch the heart of your boyfriend and make him respond in a massive way.

Over years, these sweet quotes have been known to help stir up the feeling of love. Sharing cute and sweet love quotes with your boyfriend will make him fall in love with you over and over again.

The Following Are Some Cute Quotes to Tell Your Boyfriend

>>>> When I am with you, a step a way is my eternity, my love grows and grows with each passing day. Whenever I say goodbye, whenever we leave each other, know that I hold you very dearly, and keep you inside my heart.

>>>> Thank you for the joy you have brought to my heart ever since we met, I have never felt this joy before, with each tender touch, I fall in love with you over and over again. Always know that you are my treasure, I cherish you within my heart and soul.

>>>>  I love you this much. You will never know that I love this much. When I was a little baby I had a teddy bear that I told my secrets. I shared my entire problem with my teddy bear and he did wipe my tears. I thought no one would ever take his place until you came in my life.

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>>>> Every time you call me, every time I hear are favorite song, I find more reason to keep you as the father of my kid. Look at life with a lot of expectations whenever I am with you. I do not have to work so hard to be happy, it just happens naturally, because you give me the impetus to go on and on.

Cute Quotes to say to boyfriend>>>> If love was timed, I would give you all the eternity because I do not ever want your love fade. I would wish it to go on and on to the next generation. At times my eyes get very insecure and jealous of my heart, do you know why? It is because you are always in my heart always far away from my eyes.

>>>> As seconds turns into minutes, minutes into an hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years know that it is my desire to be always close to you. I cannot imagine spending any of them far away from you.

>>>> You are my sunshine because you have brought so much sunlight in my life; you are like sugar because you have added nothing but sweetness to my life. This is the reason that I love you.

>>>> I have liked many and loved few in the past yet no one can ever be as sweet as you. I would wait all day long or stand in the longest queue just to have a moment with you.

>>>> God has painted everyone’s life with his own hands, I thank God because he not only painted my life but also included a cute color and that is you.

These are the cute quotes to tell your boyfriend if you want him to fall in love with you over and over again.

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What’s the Secret to Exciting Your Boyfriend?

Knowing how to excite your boyfriend is essential aspect that makes the relationship enjoyable and fruitful. This brings real meaning in love affair which is the key to lasting union between the two lovers. Unfortunately, most young ladies do not realize how to cause and cultivate enthusiasm in their lovers.

This is the main reason for high rate of break-ups and frustrations that are witnessed these days. This article is designed to provide several tips on how to make every moment exciting and full of fun.

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There is one major element that features in every relationship. This is known as communication. It is the live blood for every union and determines its fate. Women should be careful on how they communicate with their boyfriends. Every aspect of communication should be fun and exciting to the guy. Many have ignored this factor and have end up losing their men to other ladies. You should learn how to make communication the key to interesting relationship.

How to Excite Your BoyfriendUse What You Have to Excite Your Boyfriend

How can one use communication as a tool for building and sustaining strong relationships? This question can only be answered if right channels can be identified. These include text message, phone calls, one on one talk and body language among others. You should develop specialized technique in using these channels when communicating to your man. This should be directed to arousing him sexually and making him feel special.

Do it in a manner that suggests to him that he is a king in your life.

3 Ways to Excite Your Boyfriend.

Text message – Ensure you are selective in what you write to him. In addition, be creative and avoid being monotonous in your text messages. Even when you want to express something he likes, do it in different ways to avoid repetition.

Phone calls – Make sure you call him several times in a day but avoid calling during odd hours. Know how he is faring when he is away. Ensure you talk what interests him most every time you call. You can end the call with ” I love you” phrase. This creates assurance of love to him.

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One on one conversation – This is the most effective channel in communication. Use it to confirm what you text and say over the phone. Accompany the conversation with body expression. Do not let him force love to you rather it should flow naturally. Let him know that you are interested with him and not what is happening around you.

compliment your boyfriend dailyAlways compliment him whenever he does something kind to you. When you are hurt, tell him using kind words but not shouting at him. The great secret of winning a man is to give him attention. When you concentrate on him fully, you will be able to realize his likes and dislikes easily. This enables you to know how to handle him in bed and outside. In other words, love what he loves and appreciate it.

Several research findings state that most men love sex and women love affection. If your man falls in this category, be sexy to him even when if do not feel like doing it. This makes issues discussed above to have meaning. When you adhere to these few ideas, then you have a clue on how to excite your boyfriend.

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Love Quotes for BoyfriendLove quotes for boyfriend are the best ways you can use to express your innermost feelings to the man you are in love with. If you want to know about some of the cute boyfriend quotes that you can use to express your love for your man in a unique way, this write up is for you. Read on to know more on this.

Love is usually considered by many people as one of the best feelings in this world; that cannot explained, defined; but, simply it can be experienced and sensed. Loves makes us cry, smile and often it also leaves us speechless. When a person is in love, he or she will want to express it to his or her beloved in order to make him or her feel loved.

Many times, sincere and simple words of love will be appreciated more than the expensive gifts. Let us have a look at some of the romantic and cute quotes that you can use, which will definitely bring a smile to your boyfriend’s face.


Love Quotes to Text to Your Boyfriend.

Someone may walk into your life and thus makes things go for good topsy-turvy. After sometimes, all you will be thinking is about this man who is making your heart flatter. It’s during this time that the meaning that the love quotes usually hold becomes clear. Here are some of the beautiful sayings and love quotes for boyfriend, which every lady will love reading.

Kissing in rainLove Quote#1: My love, you know that you’re not only my lover but my best friend, you well know that I will do anything for you just to put a smile on your face, and my love, I will make sure that nothing comes between us for I am nothing without you.

Love Quote#2: Meeting you my love happened to be my fate, however, turning you into a friend was only a choice I made, but falling in love with you my love truly madly and deeply I admit I absolutely had no control over it.

Love Quote#3: Sometimes your presence takes away my breath; and anything I want to say to you can find no voice. When I am in silence, I can only wish my eyes will tell what my heart is thinking about you.

More Love Quotes to Send Him.

Love Quote#4: If hugs were leaves I would give you my lover a tree, if kisses were water I would give you my boyfriend the sea, but if love could turn out to be time, my lover I would give eternity to you.

Love Quote#5: I was given by God: two legs so that I can walk two hands so that I can hold things easily; two ears so that I can listen with ease. But why one heart only? Because the other one was given to you my love so that you can come and give it to me.

Love Quote#6: As we together grow older, as we change with age, there are many things that will always change; but there is one thing which will never change and that is my love for you.

Favorite Love QuotesMy Favorite Love Quotes.

Love Quote#7: For every time you have made me smile if I could reach-up and hold in my hands a star, I would ensure that the entire sky lies in the palms of my hands.

Love Quote#8: It is said by many that a person only falls in love once in his entire life time, but I do not agree with that. Every time I meet you, I usually fall in love all over again.

Love Quote#9: I normally hear another reason to keep you my love forever, each and every time I happen to hear your voice.

Love Quote#10: When I realized that I want to spend the rest of my entire life with someone special as you are to me, I realized that I wanted the rest of my life to begin as soon as possible.

A few Sweet Boyfriend Quotes are not that hard to shower on the person you truly love, right? Especially during a rough patch or on bad days on his life, they’ll be like saving grace and thus will not fail to brighten his mood up and put on his face a smile.

Last but not the least; using the above mentioned love quotes for boyfriend will not be too much especially for the person you love. Don’t forget to try one of these Cute Boyfriend Texts.


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